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We know there is much to navigate. We know that there are many stresses that are unacknowledged and many questions that go unanswered. We see you. We hear you. And we are here to help.

We journey with you in two main ways:

guided mentorship + meaningful community


intentional steps forward. together.

Partner with a MENTOR who will guide you through tough questions and decisions.

Mentor meetings happen monthly with mentors who are trained to advise you on matters regarding:

  • character and skill development
  • high school class selections
  • college choices
  • career options

Choose accountability and intentionality

ENGAGE in community with purpose

UTILIZE potential and skills to give back

JOURNEY with others toward greater things

Community engagements happen monthly. Gather with others who:

  • want to use their skills for good
  • want to invest in community

Choose community and togetherness

Upcoming Community Engagement Schedule


growing and giving. together.